Population Health

Jul 17 |
They will be sent enough tests to screen each resident and staff member weekly, as well as…
Halvorson and Oz speak at an event in 2016.
Jul 17 | Susan Morse
Halvorson envisions an integrated system which unites healthcare payment, improvement and…
Jul 16 | Jeff Lagasse
About 48 million non-elderly Americans will be part of a household in which someone loses a job due to…
Win McNamee, Getty Images
Jul 15 | Kat Jercich
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield says the controversial new process, which…
Jul 13 | Jeff Lagasse
When the perceived ability is the same, patients viewed chatbots more positively than human agents.
Level2 app screenshot
Jul 13 | Dave Muoio, Mobihealth News
Members in 27 states and Washington D.C. are eligible to receive the Level2 chronic…
Jul 10 |
The plans for July-December were also due to the CDC today, which will incorporate feedback on its previous testing plan.
US Supreme Court Building
Jul 09 | Kat Jercich
Providers who e-prescribe birth control through apps and online pharmacies doubt the decision will significantly affect…
Jul 08 | Jeff Lagasse
Hispanics, Asian Americans and Native Americans are the groups most consistently misclassified, the data shows.
Alex Azar
Jul 07 | Kat Jercich
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also announced it would give $450 million to the biotech company…