Population Health

Aug 28 | Susan Morse
Testing will be potentially deployed to schools and to assist with serving special needs populations, HHS says.  
Aug 28 | Susan Morse
CDC Director Robert Redfield muddied the controversy when he said those who come into contact with an infected person could be tested.
Aug 26 |
The plan, called Pivotal, offers customizable benefit options, access to more than 9,500 providers, free…
Aug 26 |
Despite using technology more than before, consumers still say they want a personalized…
Aug 25 |
The awards recognize the highest performing health centers as well as those that have made significant quality…
Aug 24 |
The flexibilities have been made available to "enhance payment" for nursing homes that have implemented COVID-19…
Aug 24 |
The guidance prohibits providers and health plans from receiving any payment from, or on behalf of, plasma…
Aug 24 | Jeff Lagasse
Blacks and Hispanics were the two groups most negatively affected, with wide gaps between population and…
Aug 20 |
Eight health systems in AHA case study are asking Congress for more relief funding.
Aug 18 |
Dignity-preserving technology allows the patient to decide what information is shared and for how long.