Sep 20 | Jeff Lagasse
Along with addiction counseling, the drugs naltrexone, buprenorphine and methadone all have a place in treatment for…
Sep 20 | Susan Morse
The maximum price that could be set is 1.2 times the average international market price.
Sep 18 | Jeff Lagasse
Not only do commercial payers reimburse clinics at a higher rate than physician offices, but clinics also are eligible…
Sep 18 | Susan Morse
Still, Medicare spent $2 billion more for brand-name drugs with rebates in 2015 than in 2011.
Sep 16 | Susan Morse
Sackler family would exit Purdue, pay $3 billion; the company would give more than $10 billion towards opioid…
Sep 13 | Jeff Lagasse
The company saw a market opportunity in helping bring independent pharmacies into the digital…
Sep 09 | Susan Morse
Employers, health plans and unions may enroll; Covered consumers have no out-of-pocket payment for medication.
Sep 04 | Susan Morse
Arguments against the merger were insufficient to undermine the settlement agreement reached by the Department of Justice, judge…
Sep 04 | Susan Morse
Walmart and Walgreens are among pharmacies in new Clearinghouse Model to eliminate drug price variability and lower costs.
Sep 03 | Jeff Lagasse
From 1980 through 2018, the FDA approved a total of 126 cancer drugs to treat solid and hematologic tumors.