Reducing opioid dosages raises patient satisfaction, study finds
Jun 08 | Jeff Lagasse
Kaiser Permanente found that hospitals can bolster patient satisfaction scores and increase revenue by…
Medicare Part D drug spending spikes 77%
Jun 05 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Even after taking into account manufacturer rebates, spending still increased more than 60 percent and the ranks of beneficiaries paying $2,000…
S&P: 340B cuts could further weaken struggling hospitals
Jun 04 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Program is a crucial part of operations for hospitals that serve vulnerable populations because it offsets the high costs…
FDA issues policies to stop blockage of generic drugs
May 31 | Susan Morse
Brand drug manufacturers are delaying the development and entry of generics, federal officials say.
Hospitals, payers, like Intermountain’s generic drug startup, payers not so much
May 29 | Beth Jones Sanborn
New research found that 90 percent of providers would purchase medications from the joint…
WV doctor faces 390 years in prison, $5 million fine for fraud
May 22 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Lone physician at family clinic charged with 19 counts of distribution of controlled…
pharmacy benefit managers accountable for drug prices
May 21 | Jeff Lagasse
Specialists say legislation is needed to grow workforce and hold pharmacy benefit managers…
Part D plan sponsors face compliance action on gag orders
May 18 | Susan Morse
CMS existing policy requires plan sponsors to ensure enrollees pay the lesser of the Part D negotiated price or…
CMS pushes cuts to 340B drug payments
May 17 | Susan Morse
Senate committee is taking a closer look at the drug discount program.
doctor giving male patient prescription bottle at hospital
May 14 | Jeff Lagasse
Nearly half of study participants revealed that they at times decide not to take their medication.