Out-of-Pocket Payments

Oct 14 |
Younger consumers are especially are willing to switch providers over a bad billing experience.
Oct 02 | Susan Morse
The rule does not have the "vast economic and political significance" put forward by the district court as it would cost drug…
Oct 01 | Jeff Lagasse
With benefits costs expected to climb 5% in 2020, employers are engaging in efforts to stem the increases.
Sep 30 | Susan Morse
CMS is proposing that hospitals make public their payer-specific negotiated charges for a limited set of…
Sep 20 | Susan Morse
The expansion into the ACA for Cigna and other insurers comes at a time when CMS reports declining unsubsidized…
Sep 20 | Susan Morse
The maximum price that could be set is 1.2 times the average international market price.
Sep 13 | Susan Morse
The cost of Senator Bernie Sanders' MFA plan is $50 trillion over 10 years.
Sep 09 | Susan Morse
Employers, health plans and unions may enroll; Covered consumers have no out-of-pocket payment for medication.
Aug 29 | Jeff Lagasse
The new Plan Finder walks users through the Medicare Advantage and Part D enrollment process from start to finish.
Bright Health headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Aug 13 | Susan Morse
The expansion marks a nearly 300% increase in product offerings compared to 2019.