Male nurses earn $6K more than women
Jun 18 | Jeff Lagasse
The trend in nursing mirrors a larger trend occurring across the healthcare industry. with double-digit…
Jun 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Nearly two-thirds of U.S. physicians report feeling burned-out, depressed or both, affecting their…
Automated claims could save $11B
Jun 14 | Jeff Lagasse
This is the second year in a row in which the index has found an increase in the potential industry savings that could…
How the misuse of personal protection equipment in hospitals jeopardizes patients
Jun 13 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The lack of proper PPE can lead to hospital-acquired infections, poor safety scores, low public…
Jun 12 | Bill Siwicki
Technology to facilitate a patient's understanding of insurance coverage and out-of-pocket cost for pending…
Whether rural or nonrural, there are more nurse practitioners rounding out practice teams
Jun 11 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The increases come at a time when physician shortages, especially in primary care, loom large.
HIMSS Analytics survey shows patients want convenient payment options
Jun 08 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The call for cost estimates is getting louder, patients don't mind keeping a credit card on file, and varied…
Ascension Michigan rebrands more hospitals
Jun 08 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Ascension will now be the first word in every facility name in a broader effort to deploy best practices and…
Amazon alliance chooses CEO to lead healthcare company
Jun 08 | Susan Morse
Executives said Thursday they had chosen a CEO to lead their healthcare company.
Reducing opioid dosages raises patient satisfaction, study finds
Jun 08 | Jeff Lagasse
Kaiser Permanente found that hospitals can bolster patient satisfaction scores and increase revenue by…