National Provider Identifier (NPI)

6 things keeping CIOs up at night
Apr 06 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Merger and acquisition activity sent waves through the information security sector too, and CIOs are acutely aware of the security complications…
Jan 03 | Susan Morse
Eligible clinicians are encouraged to log-in early and often to familiarize themselves with the system.
Physician to pay $580K over Medicare billing
Aug 30, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Government alleged that Gordon Laird caused false claims to be submitted to Medicare for service…
Apr 04, 2016 | Susan Morse
While healthcare provider directories have always been hard to maintain, new regulations can mean costly…
Oct 08, 2015 | Susan Morse
Over 385,000 providers referred products such as wheelchairs, walkers and diabetes supplies in 2013, according to CMS.
busy hospital
Aug 28, 2015 | Mike Miliard
According to the agency, 29,286 test claims were received and 25,646 test claims were accepted, marking an 87 percent acceptance rate.
CMS building
Apr 30, 2015 | Healthcare Finance Staff
Any provider who submits claims electronically can participate in acknowledgement testing.
Apr 10, 2014 | Frank Irving
By releasing to the public a data set revealing what Medicare pays individual doctors, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services says the transparency…
May 07, 2013 | Mary Mosquera
An analysis from HealthPocket raises the specter that individuals who obtain health coverage under Medicaid starting in 2014 will have to dig to find…
Apr 25, 2012 | Bernie Monegain
CMS announced its final rule for preventing Medicare fraud Tuesday, while the GAO issued a report requesting more action be taken.