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Sep 09 | Susan Morse
The company says it is working to expedite the review of the single event to minimize any potential impact on the…
Aug 14 | Jeff Lagasse
Drug-candidate pipelines represent a first step toward the discovery of new drugs to treat the virus.
Aug 14 |
An HHS official said that the federal government hopes to provide free COVID-19 vaccines for…
Aug 11 | Susan Morse
The plans include details on reaching vulnerable populations including minorities, immunocompromised individuals and older adults. 
Jul 22 | Jeff Lagasse
Pfizer will deliver the doses in the U.S. if the product receives Emergency Use Authorization or licensure from…
Jul 08 | Susan Morse
The AHA is asking Congress for financial support with other relief in regulatory measures, the biggest being the use of telehealth.
Jun 16 | Jeff Lagasse
The projection is based on the current efforts of HHS' Operation Warp Speed, which is pushing for…
May 15 | Susan Morse
The public and private partnership includes the Department of Defense to enable faster distribution.
May 14 | Susan Morse
Phases 2 and 3 of vaccine clinical trials are expected by early summer and their success will be known by early winter, Fauci says.
May 09 | Susan Morse
Gilead Sciences committed to supplying approximately 607,000 vials over the next six weeks to…