Critical Access Hospital

Aug 11 | Susan Morse
Rural providers can pursue care transformation such as expanding telehealth to allow the beneficiary's place…
Aug 05 | Susan Morse
Star ratings would add a Timely and Effective Care group and would include critical access hospitals and VA…
Jul 21 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospital margins could sink to a median as low as -7% by year's end, and half of all hospitals may be in the red.
May 01 | Susan Morse
New funds should not be used to cover the cost of treating the uninsured, though Congress needs to…
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Apr 09 | Jeff Lagasse
The guidance is meant to empower local hospitals and healthcare systems to rapidly expand their capacity to treat…
Apr 08 | Jeff Lagasse
The data was gathered before COVID-19 began its spread across the globe, meaning the outlook for…
Apr 08 | Susan Morse
CMS has received over 25,000 requests and has approved over 17,000 in the last week.
Mar 31 | Susan Morse
HHS and CMS should immediately distribute funds to every hospital at the rate of $25,000 per bed, or $30,000 in hot spots, AHA…
Mar 13 | Susan Morse
The designation frees up billions in funding for states and relaxes rules for providers and the federal government.
Mar 10 | Susan Morse
Health information will be transferred outside the protections of federal privacy laws, with information bought and sold…