Centers for Disease Control

Oct 10, 2016 | Jeff Lagasse
Obamacare an issue at ugly, bitter debate, but claims about cost spikes were exaggerated, experts say.
Oct 07, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
80 percent of infected people don't show symptoms, so a test is the only way to know if they have contracted Zika.
Sep 19, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
Researcher developing device similar to pregnancy test; blood or urine is placed on plastic sheet or in a…
Sep 15, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
New research shows race and geography prevent some of the most vulnerable from obtaining effective treatments, including…
Sep 14, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
Entomologists, vector technicians, communications specialists and public health scientists have been part of the Zika teams.
CDC: Uninsured rate hits all-time low due to Obamacare
Sep 07, 2016 | Susan Morse
The number of those with high-deductible plans did rise significantly, according to the statistics.
Sep 06, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
As the Zika virus spreads both at home and abroad, new information is bringing to light how children, even those…
Sep 02, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
Research suggests that "implicit bias" -- doctors and nurses subtly or…
Aug 31, 2016 | Bernie Monegain
The money will help states improve data collection and analysis to better understand how to prevent opioid abuse, curb deaths and treat…
Johns Hopkins opens world's first Zika virus center
Aug 25, 2016 | Jessica Davis
Johns Hopkins Medicine has launched the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Zika Center, where medical professionals focus on caring for patients with…