Big data reshaping CFO role
Jul 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Finance executives are finding they need to become more adept at data-driven analytics to better manage risk and spot new…
Docs say pharmacy firms top cause of high costs
Jul 12 | Jeff Lagasse
A full 87 percent of those surveyed listed pharmaceutical and biotech companies as having the biggest impact on the cost…
Advisory Board: Sustainable cost control is top priority for healthcare executives
Jul 11 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The top two priorities boil down to cost and consumerism has surged into the top 5 for…
Comprehensive care model reduces expenses
May 17 | Jeff Lagasse
The core element of the model is that the same physician provides care for patients in the clinic as well as in the…
Compensation for docs rises 10 percent in 5 years
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Practices offered more benefits to attract and retain physicians including higher signing bonuses, continuing…
Telemedicine can cut behavioral health costs
May 08 | Jeff Lagasse
The lack of telemedicine's accessibility can negatively affect patient engagement…
Outsourcing helps hospitals cut costs
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The drive to deliver value-based care at a high quality is pushing nine of 10 hospitals to…
Palliative care can yield cost-savings in acute care settings
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The practice of palliative care is known to make patients more comfortable and now is proven to shorten hospital stays and…
How UVA cuts opioid use 74%
Apr 26 | Jeff Lagasse
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, which focused on just one type of operation, saved more than $1.3 million…
hospital margins hit 10-year record low
Apr 24 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The firm pointed to strain of expenses and stalled revenue growth as the core reasons.