Association of American Medical Colleges

Doctors in a hospital hallway
Sep 25 | Susan Morse
Groups say CMS should get more feedback as proposals change the way ACO quality is assessed, reported and scored.
Sep 17 | Susan Morse
At stake is $1.6 billion in payments per year to thousands of 340B hospitals that serve vulnerable populations, the AHA said.
Sep 01 |
Despite policies that try to drive prices down by giving consumers information, price transparency in healthcare…
Aug 28 | Susan Morse
CDC Director Robert Redfield muddied the controversy when he said those who come into contact with an infected person could be tested.
Aug 24 | Susan Morse
At the heart of the legal battle is whether the ACA can stand without the tax mandate for individuals to have health insurance.
Aug 20 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospitals say revenue from the 340B program is essential, while others contend the original law is being abused.
Aug 05 | Susan Morse
Star ratings would add a Timely and Effective Care group and would include critical access hospitals and VA…
Aug 03 | Susan Morse
HHS estimated in 2018 that the 28.5% cut to drug reimbursement rates would save Medicare $1.6 billion.
Jul 27 | Susan Morse
Among other provisions, the bill extends the 5% advanced APM bonus for an additional six years and modifies…
Jul 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Demand for physicians, as gauged by the number of new search engagements, has declined by over 30% since March 21.