American Nurses Association

Dec 15, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospitals have a few long-term options to reverse the trend of too few nurses.
Humana eyeing deal with Walmart
Dec 04, 2017 | Susan Morse
The combination of Aetna's analytics and CVS' pharmacy business has the potential to reshape the entire health plan…
GOP healthcare bill
Jul 17, 2017 | Jay Hancock, Kaiser Health News
A fresh attempt by the Republican Party to undo the Affordable Care Act injects more uncertainty into plans for people with…
California nurses single-payer
Jul 11, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
The union of 100,000 nurses believes single-payer can move forward even as California fights GOP proposals in Washington.
California to lose billions under GOP healthcare bill
Jun 29, 2017 | Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News
The state could be forced to rebuild its public insurance program because the impact of the…
Oct 28, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
Standard now will be reviewed by the Office of Administrative Law, which proponents expect will…
California regulator signs off on $37 billion Aetna-Humana merger
Jun 21, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
Shelley Rouillard, director of the state Department of Managed Health Care, said she reached an agreement with Aetna that…
Jun 17, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
The state insurance department doesn't have the authority to thwart the merger on its own, but…
knee replacement
Feb 16, 2016 | Jeff Lagasse
A new report from the Center for Improving Value in Health Care reveals…
Feb 04, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
Stung by losses under the federal health law, major insurers are seeking to sharply limit how policies are sold to…