Feb 18 | Susan Morse
Millennials in particular want a discussion with their provider and will choose their physician based on the ability to…
Feb 06 | Susan Morse
Plan satisfaction will now have a greater effect on MA star ratings, as the Advance Notice proposes to double the value member…
Feb 05 | Susan Morse
The president promised to protect Medicaid, yet his Administration's proposal to change the funding mechanism would cap…
Feb 03 | Susan Morse
American Hospital Association, American Health Care Association question rule; Democrats call block grants…
Jan 31 | Susan Morse
To require the public disclosure of privately negotiated rates exceeds legal authority, AHIP says.
Jan 21 | Susan Morse
The Justices denied a motion by Democratic-led states and supported by insurers and hospitals to review an appeals court…
Jan 17 | Susan Morse
Valuable reforms designed to improve healthcare and lower cost hang in limbo, AHA says.
Dec 27, 2019 | Susan Morse
Insurers got repeal of the Cadillac tax, HIT and an extension of silver loading in year-end spending package.
Dec 20, 2019 | Susan Morse
Rule would pertain to 18 states that have health plans that offer coverage of non-Hyde abortion services.
Dec 19, 2019 | Susan Morse
"California will move swiftly to challenge this decision," says California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.