Oct 11 | Susan Morse
A perfect storm of an aging demographic, lower premiums, high margins and CMS flexibility is behind MA…
Oct 03 | Susan Morse
The order outlines sweeping policy and regulatory proposals including modifying Medicare fee for service…
Sep 30 | Susan Morse
CMS is proposing that hospitals make public their payer-specific negotiated charges for a limited set of…
Sep 20 | Susan Morse
The maximum price that could be set is 1.2 times the average international market price.
Aug 23 | Susan Morse
Following adoption of the legislation, the number of physicians in provider networks increased by 16%.
Jul 29 | Susan Morse
Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act passes in bipartisan effort in committee, but full Senate approval may mean bill…
Jul 18 | Susan Morse
The House voted overwhelmingly to repeal the tax on high-end health plans.
President Trump stands with HHS Secretary Alex Azar. Today the administration announced it would not implement a drug rebate rule.
Jul 11 | Susan Morse
Moody's credit analysts called the move positive for health insurers that own large PBMs.
Jul 10 | Susan Morse
The ACA is not a Jenga tower that will collapse upon removing the piece of the individual mandate, America's Health…
Jun 25 | Susan Morse
At question is whether a temporary cap on funds makes retroactive payments moot, even as insurers upheld their…