Affordable Care Act

Google Headquarters.
Aug 14 | Susan Morse
Oscar says it uses technology to lower cost: More than 60 percent of member interactions with…
Minority patient getting a checkup.
Aug 14 | Jeff Lagasse
Lower use of the Medicare annual wellness visit by non-white patients is partially explained by income and…
UnitedHealthcare sign.
Aug 14 | Susan Morse
UnitedHealthcare and Oxford Health Insurance contended the payments to New York were an…
Alex Azar,
Aug 10 | Susan Morse
Some drug companies pay less than what they would otherwise owe by introducing a new drug formulation, HHS…
Hubert H. Humphrey Building
Aug 08 | Susan Morse
The 2018 benefit year will now determine risk adjustment payments to insurers, using the statewide average premium.
Uncompensated patient.
Aug 01 | Susan Morse
Consumers who rely on short-term plans for an extended period could face high medical bills when their…
Aug 01 | Susan Morse
Some stakeholders say short-term plans will destabilize ACA market, but these plans are not expected to divert…
Reinsurance in Wisconsin expected to stabilize individual market
Jul 30 | Susan Morse
Under the Wisconsin Health Care Stability Plan, the state pays for 50 percent of the cost of claims between $50,000 and…
more than half of Americans do not want the Affordable Care Act overturned
Jul 27 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Kaiser Family Foundation says more than half of Americans do not want the Affordable Care Act overturned.
11 states sue to stop association health plans
Jul 27 | Susan Morse
America's Health Insurance Plans has warned that AHPs could lead to fewer insured Americans and higher premiums for those who remain in…