Aetna Insurance

Aug 07 | Susan Morse
CVSHealth continues to make inroads into traditional healthcare, with HealthHUBS in 1,500 locations by 2021.
Aug 06 | Susan Morse
The goal is to reduce the incidence of diabetes in a given population by 58% in three years.
Jul 20 | Susan Morse
Judge Richard Leon says the merger potentially has "grave consequences for millions of people."
Jul 17 | Susan Morse
The court case for the DOJ-approved merger drags on 8 months after companies closed the deal.
Jun 27 | Susan Morse
Employers are demanding better value in their plans and consumers expect that Amazon experience.
Jun 20 | Susan Morse
PillPack and Amazon have no immediate plans to build a PBM but have 'explored a number of…
Jun 14 | Susan Morse
While most vertical mergers do not impair competition, it should not be assumed that all are benign or that savings…
Jun 05 | Susan Morse
CVS's more than 9,900 retail locations are within three miles of about 70 percent of the U.S.…
May 30 | Susan Morse
The case for precision medicine has been made. Now, how do we make it happen?
May 29 | Susan Morse
The AMA indicated it was blindsided by the DOJ motion to change court procedure, which was filed…