Accounting & Financial Management

Healthcare worker and patient
Oct 27 | Jeff Lagasse
If all U.S. counties had high health-literacy levels, there would be $25.4 billion in Medicare savings annually.
Doctor and patient in a sunny hallway
Oct 21 | Jeff Lagasse
The drop in admissions suggests revenue losses that may be difficult for some hospitals to weather.
Masks and different denominations of bills on a table
Oct 19 | Mallory Hackett
A complete financial recovery for many organizations is still far away, findings from Kaufman Hall…
Faith Regional Health System in Nebraska kept the lights on by focusing on the basics.
Oct 16 | Susan Morse
The Nebraska health system was able to keep financially afloat during the crisis without layoffs or furloughs.
CMS Administrator Seema Verma (photo: Tasos Katopodis, Getty)
Oct 15 | Kat Jercich
Hospital associations call the threat from CMS to withhold Medicare and Medicaid participation for non-compliant…
Person with one hand on calculator and the other writing on a pad
Oct 14 | Jeff Lagasse
The surging costs of tackling the pandemic are straining public hospital budgets, increasing…
An executive at a tablet, keyboard and screen
Oct 13 | Susan Morse
Affordable Care Act medical loss ratio rebates in 2021 will likely be exceptionally large…
A sad nurse stands before a window
Oct 05 | Jeff Lagasse
The last time margins sank so deeply into the red was after the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, though today's…
revenue cycle automation
Sep 24 |
When organizations automate their revenue cycle, they can improve their bottom line while…
Sep 22 | Jeff Lagasse
Change will be necessary to ensure the financial health and success of physicians and hospitals caring for orthopedic…