Oct 30, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
AHA says $1.1 billion from that total goes to support violence prevention and preparedness programs.
Oct 30, 2017 | Jessica Davis
Consulting firm CedarBridge Group Founder Carol Robinson says the APIs may be the key to fix workforce shortages.
Oct 25, 2017 | Bernie Monegain
The research is the first large-scale national study to link nurses' well-being to self-reported medical errors.
Oct 23, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Hospital leaders say they are acting in good faith to negotiate a contract, but lessons from other systems…
Oct 23, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Each compensation survey or report was executed with a specific methodology and purpose, so results vary,…
Molina hires new CEO
Oct 11, 2017 | Susan Morse
New CEO Joseph Zubretsky has served top roles at The Hanover Insurance Group and with Aetna.
Doctors need nudging to change prescribing habits
Oct 11, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Researchers say interventions collectively prevented one inappropriate prescription for every eight patients seen.
Oct 11, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
According to a new study, the national goal of 80 percent of nurses with these degrees by 2020 probably…
Oct 09, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Companies with high engagement had a 14.3 percent higher operating margin than others, experts say.
Oct 06, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Male registered nurses who are on salary made 10 percent more than women, Medscape survey found, and hourly male nurses made 5 percent…