ECRI's top 10 tech hazards for 2018
Nov 07, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
ECRI Institute weighed factors like severity, likelihood that the hazard could cause serious injury or death,…
Baby boomer nurses are retiring, fueling shortage fears
Nov 07, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Survey showed 73 percent of baby boomer nurses planning to retire said they would do so in three years or less, AMN said.
Anthem replaces CEO Joe Swedish
Nov 06, 2017 | Susan Morse
Former UnitedHealthcare CEO Gail K. Boudreaux will take over leadership at the Big 5 insurer on Nov. 20.
4 in 10 healthcare professionals work when they’re sick
Nov 02, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Patients who are exposed to a sick healthcare worker are five times more likely to get a healthcare-associated…
Northwell names CFO, CBSO
Nov 01, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Veteran Northwell executives Richard Miller, Michele Cusack named to leadership positions after serving the system for a total…
clinical work hours
Nov 01, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
New AMA report finds the weight of technology and administrative burdens is creeping into time physicians need for…
Tenet cuts 1,300 jobs, loses $366M
Oct 31, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Cost-reduction plans will largely consist of staff cuts and contract renegotiation with suppliers and vendors,…
Oct 30, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
AHA says $1.1 billion from that total goes to support violence prevention and preparedness programs.
Oct 30, 2017 | Jessica Davis
Consulting firm CedarBridge Group Founder Carol Robinson says the APIs may be the key to fix workforce shortages.
Oct 25, 2017 | Bernie Monegain
The research is the first large-scale national study to link nurses' well-being to self-reported medical errors.