Strategic Planning

ICD-10 codes get specific, and it matters for the bottom line
Sep 07 | Susan Morse
This year, getting reimbursed is all about making sure the codes reflect the actual care given.
Sep 05 | Susan Morse
Hospitals can retain their autonomy while gaining the efficiency and scale benefits of a merger.
Aug 23 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Chief primary care medical officers would split time between outpatient clinic setting, hospital clinician…
Aug 15 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The purchases were made through Chen's various Shanda affiliates, documents showed.
Aetna in talks with Apple
Aug 14 | Bill Siwicki
Aetna and Apple are in discussions about the smartwatch, which is evolving toward monitoring chronic diseases,…
Aug 07 | Beth Jones Sanborn
If the two organizations were to reach an agreement, it would not take effect until the end of…
Aug 07 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Included in the efforts are testing for deadly drug-resistant bacteria and a new…
cyber insurance
Aug 04 | Bill Siwicki
Policies pick up support as cyber threats increase in frequency and hospitals face stiff fines tied to data breaches.
Aug 03 | Beth Jones Sanborn
System is already knee deep in the planned divestitures of 30 hospitals; additional sales are…
blockchain in healthcare payer and providers
Aug 02 | Mike Miliard
Payers are sizing up the ledger technology for payments and claims processing, but one big area of growth could be next-generation…