Strategic Planning

Study: US healthcare unprepared for Alzheimer’s breakthroughs
Nov 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Advanced clinical trials are underway for at least 10 investigational therapies that have shown promise in…
Rural hospital shows why bankruptcy can bring redemption
Nov 16 | Beth Jones Sanborn
But navigating the process, especially for a hospital with limited resources, must be done properly for the…
Medical R&D investment growth uneven
Nov 14 | Jeff Lagasse
Medical and health R&D continues to account for less than 5 percent of the total $3.5 trillion in U.S. health spending.
Nov 09 | Jeff Lagasse
As more care is being delivered in outpatient facilities, Scripps said it will design its acute care hospitals to care for the…
Nov 02 | Susan Morse
To integrate care, provide more services and stay competitive, hospitals are still building outpatient…
Oct 25 | Jeff Lagasse
Proposed cuts to reimbursement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services likely played a role.
Michigan HIE
Oct 19 | Mike Miliard
Great Lakes Health Connect has tapped Holon Solutions' sensor technology to help it meet state Medicaid goals for…
Oct 19 | Jeff Lagasse
By giving healthcare providers real-time feedback on their ordering patterns, they can adjust those patterns to optimize care.
Oct 18 | Pauline Bartolone, Kaiser Health News
Hospitals put $75 to $100 million into housing projects to limit unnecessary ER visits and reduce wasteful health care spending…
Oct 10 | Jeff Lagasse
Smaller physician practices are particularly vulnerable to risk, and there are upfront costs to consider, too.