Revenue Cycle Management

Jun 27 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Recovery effort came with a price tag of roughly $118 per claim, or…
Jun 27 | Jeff Lagasse
Decisions are affected by emotions, bias, social context; the solution is design, expert…
Jun 27 | Jeff Lagasse
Whatever hours they're at their best is when Texas Health Resources wants them to work,…
Jun 26 | Jeff Lagasse
Patient outcomes are the marker of a system's quality, and that quality is often reflected in the costs.
Jun 26 | Jeff Lagasse
When crowd was asked what word first came to mind at thought of patient financial…
Jun 26 | Susan Morse
These organizations have superior processes for communicating complex financial issues to patients in…
Jun 12 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Despite a rise in operating revenue of $117 million, system struggled under the weight…
May 10 | Jeff Lagasse
Integra Connect says its new platform is optimized for MIPS measurement, APM quality measurement, analysis and contract…
New claims processing systems for insurers
May 08 | Susan Morse
New claims processing systems cost up to $300 million, so insurers are looking to outsource instead.
Claims processing
May 08 | Susan Morse
Automation is helping, but what is really needed is a standard approach.