Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle departments still plagued by denials
Nov 16 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospitals wrote off 90 percent more denials than six years ago, The Advisory Board found, a difference of $3.5…
Few seniors comparison shopping for healthcare
Nov 13 | Jeff Lagasse
Seniors are more likely to weigh prices for groceries, gas, cable and internet service, and even travel…
Nov 13 | Change Healthcare
The following are 10 ways providers can improve self-pay collection and communication at all three stages of patient contact: pre-service,…
Southampton Hospital, Craneware partner to reorganize revenue cycle management
Nov 10 | Jeff Lagasse
Southampton Hospital, Craneware partner to reorganize revenue cycle management team and platform to drive efficiency, improve…
EHR connectivity, more revenue
Nov 03 | Jeff Lagasse
New Mexico hospital leans on Zoeticx tech to bridge the gap between medical quality and patient care.
Petya cyberattack cost Merck $135 million
Oct 27 | Jessica Davis
Third-quarter revenue for the global pharma giant was drastically reduced in part by the temporary production shutdown, higher demand…
Rural, academic partnerships lead to revenue boost
Oct 26 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Partnerships brought in surgeons, helped keep revenue in house by cutting…
Black Book revenue cycle survey
Oct 25 | Jeff Lagasse
Black Book revenue cycle survey finds 83 percent of providers s plan to employ more retail-like…
Michigan HIE
Oct 19 | Mike Miliard
Great Lakes Health Connect has tapped Holon Solutions' sensor technology to help it meet state Medicaid goals for…
Oct 19 | Beth Jones Sanborn
According to HFMA, 50 percent of American hospitals are now charging upfront fees for non-emergency visits to the…