Metro areas lack insurance competition
Oct 23 | Jeff Lagasse
American Medical Association survey finds in 43 percent of metropolitan areas, a single health insurer had at least a 50…
Proposed budget cuts to Medicaid
Oct 23 | Susan Morse
Cuts to safety net entitlement programs would pose a significant risk to providers' reimbursement…
Healthcare groups urge Congress to support bipartisan bill
Oct 20 | Susan Morse
Alexander-Murray bipartisan healthcare bill to stabilize Affordable Care Act has 24 co-signers,12 senators from each party.
Uninsured hits 12.3%, and it’s likely to keep rising
Oct 20 | Susan Morse
The uninsured rate is now the highest recorded since the last quarter of 2014 when it was 12.9 percent.
Anthem starts its own PMB
Oct 20 | Susan Morse
Anthem, CVS Health sign 5-year deal for new pharmacy benefits manager, IngenioRx, dealing a blow to Express Scripts.
Oct 19 | Susan Morse
Some insurers are able to refile higher premium rates reflecting the loss of the payments, while others will have to absorb the cost.
Oct 18 | Susan Morse
The insurer said enrollment grew by nearly 1 million people, split evenly between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement…
Oct 18 | Susan Morse
Court found no proof that UnitedHealth officers signed off on Medicare Advantage data they knew to be false.
hospital-owned nursing homes
Oct 18 | Phil Galewitz, Kaiser Health News
Hospitals gain from more patients going to nursing homes licensed under its name.
Oct 17 | Susan Morse
Proposal by Sens. Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray is seen as short-term fix for healthcare coverage under ACA.