Specialist’s APM a framework for value-based care
Feb 05 | Jeff Lagasse
A urologist built an APM from scratch because some specialists can be left wanting when…
Pittsburgh's Oncology Hematology Associates
Feb 02 | Bill Siwicki
Pittsburgh's Oncology Hematology Associates is one of just 192 physician practices…
Encounter data will make up 25 percent of risk score calculations.
Feb 02 | Susan Morse
Encounter data will make up 25 percent of risk score calculations.
Feb 01 | Mike Miliard
Text mining technology will help the accountable care organization close identifying at-risk…
Feb 01 | Susan Morse
Based on the financial benefit of tax reform, the insurer announced Wednesday it was raising its minimum wage to $16 an hour.
Anthem profits skyrocket 234%
Feb 01 | Susan Morse
Insurer plans to expand its Medicare Advantage market, building on the acquisitions of Health Sun and America's 1st Choice.
Feb 01 | Jeff Lagasse
Waystar, which will initially operate under both the Navicure and ZirMed brands, will be highlighting its integrated RCM…
340B hospitals to get day in court over drug pricing cuts
Jan 31 | Susan Morse
The U.S. Court of Appeals on Tuesday accepted a request by the American Hospital Association and five other healthcare groups for an…
Guideline adherence: It can boost your bottom line
Jan 31 | Jeff Lagasse
Improving care quality can help hospitals reduce readmissions and protect against financial penalties, a new report…
When patients get lost in the rev cycle
Jan 30 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Patient engagement expert Jan Oldenburg calls on hospitals to proactively make changes that enables consumers to access pricing…