Population Health

Nov 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Testing certain individuals instead of the patient population for diseases such as tuberculosis and…
Study: US healthcare unprepared for Alzheimer’s breakthroughs
Nov 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Advanced clinical trials are underway for at least 10 investigational therapies that have shown promise in…
Provider leverages Medicare Advantage to improve pop health
Nov 16 | Jeff Lagasse
Physicians will coordinate care across primary care, specialists, hospitals, laboratories and other services…
doctor with patient EHR
Nov 15 | Beth Jones Sanborn
And that frustration could mean they fall short of payment incentive goals, SA Ignite says.
Readmissions reduction program linked to higher mortality
Nov 13 | Jeff Lagasse
Data suggest program emphasizes strategies that unintentionally harmed patients with heart failure.
Few seniors comparison shopping for healthcare
Nov 13 | Jeff Lagasse
Seniors are more likely to weigh prices for groceries, gas, cable and internet service, and even travel…
Nov 10 | Jeff Lagasse
Older adults with delirium have longer hospital stays, higher care costs, and increased rates of death and…
clinical analytics
Nov 08 | Tom Sullivan
Analysts predict that healthcare organizations will put more emphasis on analytics software in the next five years…
Want to improve your ACO performance? Look overseas
Nov 08 | Jeff Lagasse
Multidisciplinary teams and shifts to less costly sites and treatment models are being used in places like…
healthcare apps
Nov 07 | Jonah Comstock
New research determines that there are now 318,500 health-related consumer apps, yet most apps have been…