Policy and Legislation

Medicaid expansion linked to better surgical care
Jan 25 | Jeff Lagasse
Particularly surprising was the speed at which the improvements took place, with better surgical quality results…
Senate confirms Alex Azar to head HHS
Jan 24 | Susan Morse
Many Democrats opposed Azar's link to the pharmaceutical industry and high drug prices.
AHA, AMA, MGMA take aim at prior authorization process
Jan 23 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The medical associations identified five opportunities to make immediate reform.
Stop-gap spending bill shafted some health programs
Jan 23 | Susan Morse
Here's a look at health resources left out of the Continuing Resolution to fund the government…
government shutdown
Jan 22 | Susan Morse
Here's a look at HHS, ONC and CDC plans during a government shutdown.
Jan 19 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said that an "exceptional circumstance special…
Jan 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Private hospitals that can offer better benefits and working conditions, as well as higher salaries, are poised to lure fresh…
Jan 18 | Bernie Monegain
Advisors to the ambitious plan include former CMS head Don Berwick, MD, and Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, among others.
HHS creates Conscience and Religious Freedom Division
Jan 18 | Susan Morse
Office of Civil Rights will return to era of upholding, rather than treating with hostility, claims of conscience in healthcare, says…
CHIP funding jeopardy could hit children’s hospitals hard
Jan 17 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Hospitals with high Medicaid exposure in states running out of funds in the near-term are most at…