Medicare & Medicaid

Offering free wellness visits can increase your revenue
Feb 06 | Jeff Lagasse
Even though many practices do not provide the option, those that do saw greater primary care revenue and brought…
Feb 06 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Molina also said that a contracting consultant for the department had "financial ties" to a company…
Specialist’s APM a framework for value-based care
Feb 05 | Jeff Lagasse
A urologist built an APM from scratch because some specialists can be left wanting when…
Pittsburgh's Oncology Hematology Associates
Feb 02 | Bill Siwicki
Pittsburgh's Oncology Hematology Associates is one of just 192 physician practices…
HHS grants second Medicaid work requirement waiver
Feb 02 | Susan Morse
In Kentucky, the first state to receive approval for a Medicaid work requirement, 15 beneficiaries have filed a lawsuit.
Encounter data will make up 25 percent of risk score calculations.
Feb 02 | Susan Morse
Encounter data will make up 25 percent of risk score calculations.
Feb 01 | Mike Miliard
Text mining technology will help the accountable care organization close identifying at-risk…
340B hospitals to get day in court over drug pricing cuts
Jan 31 | Susan Morse
The U.S. Court of Appeals on Tuesday accepted a request by the American Hospital Association and five other healthcare groups for an…
CMS meaningful use requirements
Jan 29 | Susan Morse
The QualityNet Secure Portal, or QNet streamlines data submission methods to make it easier for eligible…
Rural hospitals benefit most from 340B
Jan 29 | Jeff Lagasse
The findings contradict the notion that the new payment system will result in hospitals seeing a drastic cut in reimbursement.