Capital Finance

Jan 10, 2017 | Susan Morse
Companies to align strategy to support value-based payment models and a multi-payer approach.
Jan 04, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Company also said goodbye to executive vice president, chief investment officer John Sweet, who…
Jan 03, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Obamacare changes could cut the number of insured patients, creating more risk in the healthcare market.
Dec 30, 2016 | Jeff Lagasse
It was an active year in the realm of capital finance in healthcare: big-dollar deals, new analytics approaches and a dose of philanthropic spirit.
Dec 29, 2016 | Jeff Lagasse
CHS has been offloading hospitals for months now, with the current tally reaching 19 that have been or…
Dec 19, 2016 | Jeff Lagasse
However, a roll-back of Affordable Care Act policies tied to Medicare and CHIP funding could present new challenges to the…
Dec 07, 2016 | Jeff Lagasse
The design and construction of both inpatient and outpatient facilities has helped hospitals become a major…
Dec 07, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
Over the past three years, the sprawling VA system has come under fire from Congress…
Dec 05, 2016 | Henry Powderly
In addition to harming patients and crippling a healthcare provider, the attacks in the future will cause…
Dec 05, 2016 | Jeff Lagasse
The increase comes on the heels of a five-year period of historically low growth, from 2009 to 2013.