Business Intelligence

clinical analytics
Nov 08 | Tom Sullivan
Analysts predict that healthcare organizations will put more emphasis on analytics software in the next five years…
Hal Wolf HIMSS
Oct 23 | Gus Venditto
HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf says the culture of "do no harm" is contending with the culture of innovation and…
2017 healthcare M&A is set to outpace 2016
Oct 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Expert says transactions are being driven chiefly by strategic imperatives, less so by financial drivers.
Oct 09 | Jeff Lagasse
Companies with high engagement had a 14.3 percent higher operating margin than others, experts say.
Oct 03 | Charlotte Huff, Kaiser Health News
Under the practice model, patients are charged monthly for basic, office-based medical care in Texas, a…
Freestanding EDs target high-income areas
Oct 02 | Jeff Lagasse
In Texas, freestanding EDs tend to be clustered around major metropolitan centers where median income is close to…
Unnecessary image ordering a financial drag
Sep 28 | Jeff Lagasse
But targeting each clinical scenario individually might not address some of the underlying drivers of this trend.
Sep 27 | Susan Morse
Today is the deadline for insurers to sign qualified health plans announcing their premium rates.
Sep 27 | Beth Jones Sanborn
John Gaffney admitted to taking thousands in cash, signing fake prescriptions for pricey compound medications, the…
Sep 26 | Beth Jones Sanborn
University Medical Center Health has also named current COO Mark Funderburk as new incoming CEO.