Billing and Collections

Jan 13, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Providers now spend eight minutes on average, and up to 30 minutes on manual tasks like making phone…
Jan 12, 2017 | Healthcare Finance Staff
Leaders share what is still needed to provide the best care while safeguarding the health of…
Jan 06, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
Under pressure from health insurance industry, CMS quietly backed off repayment demands, settled the audits in 2012…
Dec 21, 2016 | Susan Morse
Federal risk corridor payments no longer deemed collectible given recent court ruling.
Dec 19, 2016 | Susan Morse
Tool has helped Bellin Health close its reimbursement gap by about $2.2 million in one year.
Dec 19, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
Most health insurance doesn't cover infertility treatments; IVF can cost $15,000 to $20,000 each try.
Dec 16, 2016 | Kaiser Health News
Patients sometimes find an additional charge, generally between $30 and $200, tacked onto their bill for visiting overnight.
Dec 13, 2016 | Henry Powderly
In lieu of fees, healthcare organizations will pay a percentage of the recovered funds to ERI.
Dec 12, 2016 | Susan Morse
Next year, reimbursements are expected to decline and inpatient margins narrow further, Black Book says.
Dec 08, 2016 | Susan Morse
For example, a communications management system records and indexes calls and conversations with patients from…