Provider leverages Medicare Advantage to improve pop health
Nov 16 | Jeff Lagasse
Physicians will coordinate care across primary care, specialists, hospitals, laboratories and other services…
doctor with patient EHR
Nov 15 | Beth Jones Sanborn
And that frustration could mean they fall short of payment incentive goals, SA Ignite says.
5 ways hospitals can buffer financial losses from Medicare
Nov 13 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Hospitals lost nearly $40 billion treating Medicare patients in 2013, experts say.
clinical analytics
Nov 08 | Tom Sullivan
Analysts predict that healthcare organizations will put more emphasis on analytics software in the next five years…
Want to improve your ACO performance? Look overseas
Nov 08 | Jeff Lagasse
Multidisciplinary teams and shifts to less costly sites and treatment models are being used in places like…
UPMC invests in digital hospitals
Nov 06 | Susan Morse
Specialty hospitals for cancer, heart and transplant and vision and rehabilitation to be built with the tech…
rural healthcare
Oct 26 | Jeff Lagasse
In fact, execs say automated systems are a requirement for survival in the rural healthcare market these days.
Aetna selling group life and disability business to Hartford Group
Oct 24 | Susan Morse
Aetna will focus on core health insurance business while The Hartford Group will grow to become…
information-driven hospital
Oct 24 | Tom Sullivan
Sanford Health and Montefiore built data warehouses and lakes to leverage IT investments and better support clinicians.
Hal Wolf HIMSS
Oct 23 | Gus Venditto
HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf says the culture of "do no harm" is contending with the culture of innovation and…