Ranks of ACA market insurers plummet despite on-pace enrollment
Jan 15 | Susan Morse
CMS released data showing many counties in the country having just one insurer for 2018.
Providers pleased at most of what's in new voluntary bundled payment model
Jan 15 | Susan Morse
BPCI 2.0 is further evidence that CMS is continuing down the road road to value, ...
CDC: U.S. healthcare must improve asthma management to cut costs
Jan 12 | Jeff Lagasse
The condition is costing the overall economy at least $80 billion per year, according to the Centers ...
Why patients in Montana pay lower health insurance premiums than their Wyoming neighbors
Jan 12 | Jeff Lagasse
Differences among midwestern states -- also including Iowa, Nebraska and ...
Hospitals gear up for big revenue cycle investments to boost infrastructure, consolidate operations
Jan 12 | Beth Jones Sanborn
New research suggests hospitals will subscribe to rev cycle ...
How Northwestern Medicine cut senior hospitalizations by 33%
Jan 12 | Jeff Lagasse
Older patients visiting the emergency department who received specialized geriatric care were admitted ...
MedPAC votes to nix MIPS
Jan 12 | Susan Morse
Here's a look at the voluntary program the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission recommends instead of the Merit-based Incentive Payment ...
Brown University, Prospect HealthCare throw joint hat in the ring for possible merger with Care New England
Jan 11 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Brown President Christina Paxson announces joint merger ...
Extending CHIP for 10 years rather than 5 saves $6 billion, CBO says
Jan 11 | Susan Morse
States are facing a shortfall in the program that serves 9 million children if CHIP is not ...
For medical groups, costs are up and revenues are down, survey says
Jan 11 | Jeff Lagasse
The operating loss per physician jumped from a 10 percent loss of net revenue to a 17.5 percent ...