Tax credits, shopping around keep Obamacare marketplace plans affordable, feds say
Aug 24 | Susan Morse
Despite the exit of insurers and a rise in premium rates, consumers who purchase ...
Hillary Clinton, lawmakers call on Mylan to reverse the price hike on EpiPen
Aug 24 | Jeff Lagasse
Lawmakers are imploring Mylan Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of EpiPens, to scale back ...
Poverty, lack of access are major drivers in healthcare spending, says new book by late Richard Cooper, MD
Aug 24 | Jeff Lagasse
If the poorest areas utilized healthcare at the rate of ...
Aetna, Humana fire back at feds over DOJ attempt to block merger
Aug 24 | Susan Morse
Aetna said it has already announced plans to divest much of its Medicare Advantage business.
Hillary Clinton preferred by healthcare pros over Donald Trump, Aprima survey finds
Aug 24 | Beth Jones Sanborn
In a recent poll of healthcare professionals, Hillary Clinton is the preferred ...
Protected drug monopolies drive costs higher, Harvard Medical School report finds
Aug 24 | Kaiser Health News
The "most important factor" that drives prescription drug prices higher ...
Preventive care, specialists for kidney failure cut public health spending, JAMA study finds
Aug 24 | Kaiser Health News
New research suggests a path forward that could save money while also ...
Healthcare staffing gaps push salaries up for most medical professionals
Aug 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Ten out of the 14 positions studied saw salary increases over the past year, but some were ...
Survey: Health insurance deductibles increase by 50%
Aug 23 | Susan Morse
Employees are paying more for out-of-network care, ER visits while employers pay less, survey says.
St. Vincent health system will open 8 microhospitals to answer demand for acute care in central Indiana
Aug 23 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Indiana-based St. Vincent health system will expand access to ...