A new look for Healthcare Finance News

If things are looking different around here, it's because today marks the launch of a new web design for Healthcare Finance News.

Like its sister publication, Healthcare IT NewsHealthcare Finance News moved to the Drupal content management system in January 2009. Since that date, we've learned a lot about the ways our readers use the site. The number of content features and the variety of industry voices contributing to the publication grew significantly in the last four years, as we've integrated social media and commenting to bring you, the reader, into the focus. Our experimentation with new web-first content, coupled with ongoing performance analysis, has allowed us to identify which features you find most relevant and appealing.

This new presentation of Healthcare Finance News is as much about functionality and content relevancy as it is about aesthetics and layout. Jeff Marion, our senior project manager, and Jessica Loranger, our senior graphic designer, worked tirelessly to optimize the performance and appearance of our editorial staff's Neal Award-winning content. The result is a website and mobile site designed to cement Healthcare Finance News as your daily destination for all the most relevant news, analysis and discussions surrounding the healthcare finance industry.

Here's a rundown of some of the changes we've made:


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