New Jersey awards contract for medical transport of Medicaid clients

The New Jersey Department of Human Services' Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services has awarded a contract to LogistiCare Solutions to arrange and manage non-emergency transportation services to eligible N.J. FamilyCare and Medicaid clients.

The contract is effective July 1. Services that must be arranged through LogistiCare are mobility assistance vehicle transportation, non-emergency air transportation services and non-emergency basic life support ground ambulance services.

LogistiCare will also arrange and manage non-emergency livery transportation, such as ambulatory sedan or van, taxi and public transit, in Essex and Hudson counties.

The DMAHS said it wanted to ensure that Medicaid clients who need transportation to and from any Medicaid-covered service receive the service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

LogistiCare will maintain a network of transportation providers that will provide actual transportation services and will determine the appropriate mode of transportation for clients.


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