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Illinois hospitals launch quality initiative

Nearly 200 Illinois hospitals are participating in a project sponsored by the state’s hospital association to improve the level of healthcare quality.

The Illinois Hospital Association's "Raising the Bar" initiative will allow hospital leaders to share best practices and implement new methods to prevent and reduce complications and unnecessary hospital readmissions.

"Quality care is a core priority for our hospitals," said IHA President Maryjane Wurth. "Through IHA's Quality Care Institute, we will transform healthcare and prepare for changes in the healthcare delivery system while continuing to provide the best care to our patients and communities."

The institute offers hospitals the opportunity to access data, tools and best practices from across the state and from experts on quality improvement and patient safety, Wurth said. It will also provide “practical approaches for performance improvement” and advocate for the removal of barriers to the coordination of patient care.

The IHA is promoting its “Raising the Bar” pledge, which calls for hospitals to engage in specific interventions over the next three years to reduce hospital readmissions and hospital-acquired infections.

Hospitals taking the pledge agree to collaborate on programs that could reduce 30-day hospital readmission rates for congestive heart failure, heart attack and pneumonia and diminish the occurence of hospital-acquired conditions and infections such as MRSA, surgical-site infections and pulmonary embolism following certain orthopedic procedures.

The institute also provides public data on Illinois hospital services and how they measure in quality and safety of care through a Web site,

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