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Humana acquires healthcare analytics company Anvita Health

Health insurer Humana Inc. announced today that it has acquired Anvita Health, an analytics company that uses a broad range of data to help provide clinical insights and improve the delivery of healthcare.

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Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

In purchasing Anvita, Humana will look to leverage the company's analytics capabilities to help identify gaps in care for its members and provide that information both to suggest ways to better manage the health of individual members and entire member populations.

"We've been partnering with Anvita since 2010 to enhance Humana's healthcare analytics performance, and we're excited about what this acquisition will mean for Humana health plan members, healthcare providers and employer-customers," said Michael B. McCallister, Humana's chairman and CEO, in a statement announcing the acquisition. "Anvita helps its clients improve healthcare quality while also identifying cost savings for individuals and populations."

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Humana's use of Anvita Insight has been focused on identification of care gaps, as well as to help identify potential prescription drug safety issues. Using the Anvita tool, Humana is able to provide automated messaging to members, providers and its own service associates to make sure members are getting the right information about their care, when they need it.

"Anvita's purpose is to transform enormous volumes of clinical data into actionable intelligence for the benefit of all of Humana's constituencies, as well as across the health care system," said Ahmed Ghouri, M.D., co-founder and CMO of Anvita Health in après release. "Humana is concerned not only with helping its own members and customers but also with helping the overall health system work better for everyone's benefit. We can help them do that."

Under the terms of the deal, San Diego-based Anvita Health will continue to operate as a subsidiary of Humana. The company, founded in 2000, was originally founded to provide information to healthcare companies on the prevention of medical errors, especially those pertaining to drug safety. Since then the company has expanded its focus to help healthcare providers lower overall healthcare costs while improving quality of care.

Through its client affiliations, Anvita estimates it helps manage the care of more than 100 million lives and counts healthcare providers, health plans, pharmacy benefits managers and disease management companies among its clients.

Humana is one of the largest health plan and managed care organizations in the country with 11 million members, including more than 1.9 million Medicare Advantage members.

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