Healthcare industry reacts to President Obama's reelection

Healthcare industry stakeholders reacted quickly to President Barack Obama’s victory over Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Here are some excerpts of comments Healthcare Finance News has received:

Jeffrey Cain, MD, president, American Academy of Family Physicians: “The American Academy of Family Physicians looks forward to working with President Barack Obama and the new Congress to ensure that everyone in this country can get the right health care at the right time from the right professional. That means continuing to work for access to both healthcare coverage and to the primary care physicians who should be the front door to our healthcare system… Healthcare remains an important topic as Congress and President Obama address the issues challenging our nation. We hope they both will heed their constituents’ concerns and work together to improve the quality of healthcare, build the primary care physician workforce and enable patients to have a personal physician who can provide comprehensive, coordinated care.”

Jeremy Lazarus, MD, president, American Medical Association: “The AMA congratulates President Obama on winning reelection as the President of the United States... (T)he AMA is eager to continue working with elected leaders on both sides of the aisle to accelerate bold innovation in medical education, create an environment in which physicians thrive in sustainable practices and help patients and physicians work together to improve health outcomes and ensure high quality care with optimal value for our healthcare dollar.”

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Ron Pollack, executive director, Families USA:
 “The election has settled key issues about the directions that our nation’s healthcare will take: It means that ObamaCare will be implemented, the Medicaid safety net will be strengthened and Medicare’s guaranteed benefits will not be undermined. 
As a result, people across America will gain peace of mind knowing that high-quality, affordable health care will be there for themselves and their loved ones.”  

Amanda Austin, director of federal public policy, National Federation of Independent Business: “Now that the elections are behind us, it is time for Washington to get back to work and remove prohibitive taxes and costs on our job creators. The need to repeal the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) on small business has received high bipartisan support during the 112th Congress with legislation in the House gaining 226 cosponsors and with companion legislation in the Senate. We encourage President Obama to make good on his praise of small business during the campaign by working with the new Congress to repeal this tax which is already holding back hiring at the small business level.”