Sutter Health hospital reopens after California wildfires forced evacuation
Oct 18 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Kaiser Permanente's Santa Rosa hospital remained closed with local reports citing ...
New York physicians get prison time over $100 million Medicare fraud
Oct 18 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Staten Island physicians, Yonkers internist took thousands in cash kickbacks in return for ...
Healthgrades: Quality gap is real, top hospitals stand apart with fewer complications, deaths
Oct 17 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Patients treated at top-rated hospitals had a lower risk of death, ...
Personal trainer charged with posing as physician in $25 million fraud
Oct 17 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Texas man certified himself with CMS as healthcare provider allegedly to bill insurance ...
State releases partial DSH payments to NYC H+H, though gaps remain
Oct 16 | Beth Jones Sanborn
State said it had decided what each hospital would receive based on need, but many public ...
Top employee assessment scores fuel culture of safety, quality within healthcare
Oct 16 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Quality caregivers can dictate whether a patient has a good or bad experience at ...
Hospital systems rush in to help Puerto Rico, wildfire-stricken California
Oct 13 | Beth Jones Sanborn
A New York hospital volunteer team is heading to Puerto Rico to treat patients while ...
Wildfires close down Northern California Kaiser Permanente, Sutter hospitals, medical facilities
Oct 13 | Beth Jones Sanborn
More than 200 patients have been evacuated, medical facilities are ...
Tax-exempt hospitals spend $67.4 billion in community benefit, outweighing foregone tax revenue, report says
Loyola Medicine buys Tenet's MacNeal Hospital, lays groundwork for exit from Chicago market
Oct 12 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Public healthcare provider plans to offload eight of their 77 U.S. ...