Anesthesiologists find EHRs free up face-time for patients
Dec 04 | Jeff Lagasse
The software also helps such specialists operate more smoothly and meet government reporting requirements ...
Majority of Americans say healthcare system is overdue for change
Dec 04 | Jeff Lagasse
CVS survey finds three out of five respondents say decisions made in healthcare put the bottom line ...
More doctors becoming nursing home specialists
Dec 01 | Jeff Lagasse
Study authors say clinicians who practice exclusively in a nursing home could improve patient outcomes, and reduce ...
Study claims value-based modifier program not improving quality, increasing disparity
Nov 30 | Jeff Lagasse
In the end, the program has shifted money away from physicians who treated ...
Study claims denying patient requests lowers physician ratings
Nov 30 | Jeff Lagasse
Physicians often lack training on how to deal with patient requests, which can impact patient ...
People in high-deductible plans are not acting like consumers after all
Nov 28 | Jeff Lagasse
Despite growth of these plans, price shopping, cost discussions with doctors are rarely ...
Some doctors are now scaling back on low-value care to save in costs
Nov 28 | Jeff Lagasse
But study suggests the U.S. as a whole is not doing particularly well when it comes to pulling ...
More hospitals says they are burdened by regulatory overload, says AHA
Nov 27 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospitals and other providers spend nearly $39 billion a year solely on the administrative ...
Telehealth policy changes mean big revenue opportunities for hospitals
Nov 21 | Jeff Lagasse
Pending developments in government policy around access to virtual care and reimbursement for ...