A more cost effective, clinically sound approach to hemodialysis treatment
May 25 | Jeff Lagasse
More than 7 percent of the Medicare budget is spent on managing patients with end-stage ...
Reduced healthcare costs, opioid use result from early physical therapy intervention for low back pain
May 24 | Jeff Lagasse
Those who saw a physical therapist early had a 28 percent ...
Healthcare mergers and acquisitions create 3 V's for data management
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Roundup: Hospital expansions, renovations slated for Tennessee, Arizona and Wisconsin
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TriStar Health will be investing $500 million in construction projects due ...
Social determinants shown to reduce healthcare spending
May 23 | Jeff Lagasse
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Physicians report moral distress and burnout over policies that force inadequate care
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Being forced to provide inferior care due to the patient's immigration ...
Why it's time to revisit hospital supply chain contracts to start saving money
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Taking a disciplined approach to re-negotiating contracts with your top vendors ...
Rheumatologists call on Congress to increase arthritis drug transparency, barriers to care
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Specialists say legislation is needed to grow workforce and hold pharmacy ...
Medical imaging costs could be reduced by using diamonds
May 21 | Jeff Lagasse
Defects in nanoscale and microscale diamonds act to enhance the sensitivity of MRI and NMR resonance systems.
Behavioral health workforce faces critical challenges in meeting population needs
May 18 | Jeff Lagasse
More than 44 million American adults have a diagnosable mental health condition, ...