Navigator funding cuts dampen efforts to enroll consumers in ACA exchanges
Sep 18 | Susan Morse
Department of Health and Human Services has cut funding by as much as 75 to 92 percent, ...
Hospitals helping Irma evacuees to get federal reimbursement
Sep 18 | Susan Morse
The federal program covers medical care provided to people who are injured or became ill as a result of ...
Hospitals could save about $10 million a year in supply chain, study finds
Sep 15 | Susan Morse
Supply chain represents 30 percent of hospital operations, ranking second only to labor in ...
Former Cleveland Clinic executive charged with defrauding system out of $2.7 million
Sep 15 | Susan Morse
Gary Fingerhut, former executive director of information technologies at ...
Senate committee to get consensus on health bill
Sep 14 | Susan Morse
Bipartisan plan is being written after four hearings with insurers, providers and other stakeholders.
Providers and payers both win when they share population health data
Sep 14 | Susan Morse
Insurers provide the broader view on claims while hospitals have the deeper information on ...
Graham-Cassidy bill GOP's last-ditch effort to repeal ACA
Sep 13 | Susan Morse
Cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers not addressed in plan, but work of Senate committee that ...
Navigator organizations wait in limbo for reduced funding to enroll consumers in the ACA exchanges
Sep 12 | Susan Morse
Department of Health and Human Services is expected this week to ...
Cybersecurity is not a cost, it's an investment, experts say
Sep 12 | Susan Morse
Culture of security starts with getting a buy-in from top executives on the importance of ...
Community Oncology Alliance backs hospital payment cuts in 340B rule
Sep 11 | Susan Morse
Cancer care is being shifted away from the private, physician-owned community oncology clinics ...