Betsy Caron
August 12, 14
The movement towards value-based purchasing models has made the concept of process improvement and its methodologies an important component of healthcare's future.
Healthcare Finance News Staff
June 23, 14
While ICD-10 has been delayed to October 2015, there are several things that providers should do today to prepare. Here are five focus areas that should not be put on hold.
Madelyn Kearns
June 11, 14
As competition for physicians continues to heat up, those looking to hire and retain physicians need to prepare themselves to offer more compensatory benefits.
Betsy Caron
June 5, 14
Here is a look at the leading U.S. hospitals ranked by net patient revenue, according to the latest CMS data sourced in the Billian's HealthDATA hospital database.
March 24, 14
Costs associated with inpatient stays constitute the largest single component of healthcare spending. Healthcare Cost and Utilizations Project data show hospital costs by payer for the five most expensive inpatient conditions.
March 19, 14
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project data from 2010 provide the most comprehensive national estimates of 30-day readmission rates for specific procedures and diagnoses. The following infographic provides some examples.
Betsy Caron
January 21, 14
Here is a look at the leading U.S. hospitals ranked by average daily census, according to the most recently released CMS data sourced in the Billian's HealthDATA portal.
Erin McCann
July 25, 13
The next time you suffer asphyxiation as a result of your encasement in a discarded refrigerator, your care providers will know exactly which ICD-10 code to use.
May 6, 13
According to a quarterly report by KPMG, merger & acquisitions activity in healthcare decreased in the first quarter of 2013, with a total of 201 announced transactions compared to 288 announced transactions in the fourth quarter of 2012. This infographic highlights M&A trends in a few key healthcare sectors.
Healthcare Finance News Staff
March 26, 13
With more than 50 million uninsured Americans and more than 91.2 million people on some form of government-funded health insurance, the costs of healthcare are staggering. This infographic details the most expensive medical procedures as well as who is insured, who is eligible, and who foots the bill.
Healthcare Finance News Staff
March 22, 13
If the U.S. had spent as much per person on healthcare as Switzerland did over the past 30 years, we would have saved about $15.5 trillion. View this infographic from The Commonweatlh Fund to see what the U.S. could do with those savings.
Healthcare Finance News Staff
October 2, 12
Check out this interactive infographic from Billian's HealthData to see stats from the hospital readmission reduction program.
Betsy Caron
September 6, 12
Check out this Healthcare Finance News infographic to see what states must decide regarding Medicaid expansion.
Center for American Progress
August 21, 12
This infographic from the Center for American Progress illustrates the startling ramifications of the nation's rising healthcare costs.
U.S. News University Directory
July 3, 12
Allied health careers are poised for continued growth, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This infographic from the U.S. News University Directory provides data on which allied health careers are growing the fastest.
Healthcare IT News Staff
May 23, 12
Some 31 percent of healthcare professionals are currently using social media to network professionally, according to this infographic from AMN Healthcare.