Information Technology

May 23 | Beth Jones Sanborn
As the 2019 transition approaches, finding expertise to support changing payment…
Tomorrow’s healthcare system: Outpatient care, digitization, staffing challenges
May 18 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Greater labor costs, staffing shortages, EMR optimization and shift away from…
May 14 | Susan Morse
Medicare Advantage insurer Clover paired its data and care management with YouScript's genomic testing…
How two hospitals went from F to A on Leapfrog safety grades
Apr 30 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Arrowhead Regional and Daviess Community Hospital both went from rock bottom to top of the…
House passes funding bill
Mar 22 | Susan Morse
Insurers get no federal funds for cost-sharing reduction payments or a reinsurance program to help stabilize…
Sutter Health/Aetna venture names new CEO
Mar 21 | Susan Morse
The joint venture currently offers employers with employees in northern California self-insured commercial products with effective…
Jan 31 | Bill Siwicki
Health IT shops don't have to choose between the two. A senior IT project manager explains how hospitals can make…
government shutdown
Jan 22 | Susan Morse
Here's a look at HHS, ONC and CDC plans during a government shutdown.
Vermont ACO gets $620 million
Dec 29, 2017 | Susan Morse
The OneCare Vermont accountable care organization is taking on capitated risk, with its provider physicians receiving a per member, per month fee.
Vermont health information exchange
Dec 28, 2017 | Bernie Monegain
Consultants found HIE is not meeting state needs and patients lack confidence so they are working on an improvement plan.