Fee for Service (FFS)

Dec 06 | Susan Morse
Private health insurance continues to be the largest payer for healthcare goods and services, accounting for just over one-third of total healthcare…
benefits of transforming bundles to episodes of care
Dec 05 | Tom Sullivan
With algorithms and analytics, first-moving health orgs are reaping alternative payment models to…
Dec 01 | Jeff Lagasse
Study authors say clinicians who practice exclusively in a nursing home could improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs.
Nov 28 | Susan Morse
Integration with providers, narrow network ACO models, speaking members' languages and improving patient experience all key to…
CMMI incentives
Nov 22 | Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News
Canadians throw shade at the American hodgepodge of plans they hold in high esteem in the ACA's…
Medicare improper payments fall below 10%
Nov 17 | Susan Morse
Improper payments decreased $5 billion from a total $36.2 billion due mostly to documentation errors.
Provider leverages Medicare Advantage to improve pop health
Nov 16 | Jeff Lagasse
Physicians will coordinate care across primary care, specialists, hospitals, laboratories and other services…
Readmissions reduction program linked to higher mortality
Nov 13 | Jeff Lagasse
Data suggest program emphasizes strategies that unintentionally harmed patients with heart failure.
Oct 30 | Mike Miliard
The new program aims to streamline quality measures providers are required to meet, rewarding outcomes rather than micromanaging…
Proposed budget cuts to Medicaid
Oct 23 | Susan Morse
Cuts to safety net entitlement programs would pose a significant risk to providers' reimbursement…