American Hospital Association

CBO: Health Care Stabilization Act would create $19 billion deficit
Mar 21 | Susan Morse
As Congress debates appropriations legislation with the Friday deadline…
Senators move to increase healthcare price transparency
Mar 02 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Group that includes Republican and physician Bill Cassidy, Chuck Grassley and Claire…
AHA asks Anthem to rescind ER and imaging payment policies
Feb 28 | Susan Morse
Providers are hoping for another win after their protest resulted last week in Anthem rescinding a 25…
Unsure about BPCI? Apply now and decide late
Feb 19 | Susan Morse
Hospitals that apply by March 12 can then wait for further target pricing information and make up…
Feb 15 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Scoring adjustments, quality measures, lack of sociodemographic consideration are major concerns for the group, who wants…
Feb 13 | Susan Morse
American Hospital Association President Rick Pollack said the organization is opposed to a $34 billion reduction in critical services.
AHA, AONE launch search for top nursing exec
Feb 01 | Bill Siwicki
The groups are seeking an executive who can fill two positions: CEO at AONE and chief nursing officer at AHA.
AHA, AMA, MGMA take aim at prior authorization process
Jan 23 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The medical associations identified five opportunities to make immediate reform.
340B discount program
Jan 02 | Susan Morse
Opponents say hospitals are reaping windfall profits by buying drugs at a discount but a trade group counters…
Medicare penalized 751 facilities for HACs
Dec 28, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
The organizations will see their Medicare reimbursement rates dip by 1 percent in the coming year.