Affordable Care Act

Dec 11 | Jeff Lagasse
Even though high-deductible insurance options could save patients thousands of dollars every year, most…
Dec 08 | Susan Morse
Last week, the ratings service downgraded the outlook for non-profit hospitals to negative.
Dec 06 | Susan Morse
Private health insurance continues to be the largest payer for healthcare goods and services, accounting for just over one-third of total healthcare…
Dec 04 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospitals have been unable to translate volume growth into stronger revenue due to…
Dec 04 | Ashley Lopez, KUT and Selena Simmons-Duffin, NPR
Nearly 9 million children are insured through CHIP, which covers mostly working-class families. The program has bipartisan support in…
Dec 01 | Susan Morse
Non-profit health systems will be paying more to borrow money, expert says.
HHS nominee Azar
Nov 29 | Jessica Davis
Both sides of the aisle -- and even the former Eli Lilly exec himself -- expressed concerns over the ballooning drug prices and…
Nov 28 | Jeff Lagasse
Despite growth of these plans, price shopping, cost discussions with doctors are rarely happening, researchers find.
Nov 28 | Susan Morse
Insurers, providers, pharma urge CMS to reconsider allowing states to set essential health benefit benchmarks.
Nov 27 | Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News
Consumers coping with the high cost of health insurance are the target market for new plans claiming to be lower-cost…