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July 23, 2014 | David Williams
Medicaid beneficiaries deserve the same access to healthcare services and products as people with commercial insurance or Medicare. But since Medicaid pays doctors and... More

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Even though it has not been determined what impact the health insurance exchanges will have on hospital finances, there are steps hospitals can take to increase the... More
July 21, 2014 | Liz Kirk
Facing threats to net revenue, most healthcare organizations have embarked on massive cost reduction initiatives. Unfortunately, the first tactic for many of these... More
July 18, 2014 | Debra A. McCurdy
CMS plans to recompete the supplier contracts awarded in Round 2 of the Medicare Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) Competitive... More
Improving outpatient charge capture can help executives increase net revenue quickly, thereby avoiding more severe cost cutting. More
July 17, 2014 | Don McCanne, MD
Business has a vital concern in the financing of healthcare. So why is there not an outcry to switch to a proven financing system that would serve their employees well? More

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July 16, 2014 | Christopher Zaenger
When physicians are uninvolved in how expenses are handled in the larger health system environment, and it does not affect their income, behavior changes and apathy for... More
July 14, 2014 | Richard Pizzi
Healthcare prices in May 2014 were 1.8 percent higher than in May 2013, well above the 12-month moving average of 1.3 percent, according to a recent brief from the... More
July 10, 2014 | Richard Pizzi
Children's hospitals increasingly face the same market challenges as other hospitals, including a growing pressure to significantly reduce costs. Dan May of Huron... More
July 09, 2014 | Lori Webb
Portable chest X-rays are the most common diagnostic exam in intensive care units. But pricing for portable X-ray systems varies, and can range from $40,000 to over $235... More
July 09, 2014 | Michael F. Arrigo
One of the most inefficient and costly processes for providers and payers is the prior authorization procedure, but help is one way to ease the pain. More