Be proactive, not reactive, in protecting healthcare data
Aug 31 | David Rice
This form of identity theft is extremely costly to the victim as well the company that gets hacked.
Considerations for capital spending to maximize returns
Aug 28 |
Evaluating capital expenditures is more complicated under a system focused on value, which seeks to eliminate ...
What to expect from coding productivity after ICD-10 implementation
Aug 17 | Carl Natale
There are steps that medical practices can take to preserve medical coder productivity even in ...
When CEO pay is tied to hospital rankings
Aug 03 | Paul Levy
The rankings are designed to advise patients with complex medical conditions, they are not an indication about the general ...
Can you pick the right ICD-10 family?
Jul 27 | Carl Natale
Let's just say it's better to get the diagnosis code right instead of counting on a yet to be defined definition of ...
The culture of patient experience
Jul 25 | Austin Kirkland
For providers to thrive under healthcare payment and delivery model reform, the patient experience must align with the patient ...
A 4-point check-up for your revenue cycle management
Jul 09 | James Larson and Nancy Henry
There are a few ways that practice managers and providers can easily perform a profitability check-up against ...
Key tips for a successful hospital merger or acquisition
Jul 02 |
With margins razor thin, hospitals are increasingly looking to transactions to achieve economies of scale ...
Cybersecurity legislation only a partial solution (Insight)
Jul 02 |
The shocking truth is that only about 6 percent of healthcare data breaches to date are the work of ...
How to achieve compliance with a strategic perspective (Insight)
Jul 01 | Richard Best
Due to the multitude of diverse yet wide-spread requirements, staying compliant can be overwhelming, ...


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