Purchasing Insight: Watch infusion pump prices as market surges for intraveneous therapy
Jan 23 | James Laskaris
The infusion pump market will grow to $3.6 billion by 2017 with the majority ...
4 choices for physicians when integrating with hospitals
Jan 20 | Austin Kirkland
The reasons for aligning with a hospital are changing, which makes integration even more complicated.
Strategies for elevating internal revenue cycle operations
Jan 12 | Monte Sandler
A healthy revenue cycle is something for which every business strives, but it is especially important for ...
More resources, not medical homes, for primary care
Jan 08 | Kip Sullivan
The "medical home" concept has become counterproductive. It is muddling the debate about how to improve ...
How to reduce risk during inpatient transitions
Jan 06 | Ann Whitehead
No matter what system is used for communicating patient information between physicians, it should be routinely ...
2 top ICD-10 developments in 2014
Jan 05 | Carl Natale
Extending the ICD-10 transition another 12 months has been significant -- estimated in the millions.
5 steps to easier healthcare EFT standard enrollment
Dec 30, 2014 | Priscilla Holland
If electronic funds transfer via ACH saves healthcare organizations' money and allows staff to focus on ...
Purchasing insight: Understanding reimbursements for intraocular lenses
Dec 29, 2014 | LeAnne Smith
The reimbursement for this procedure has declined significantly over the years as it has ...
Making ICD-10 testing matter
Dec 29, 2014 | Carl Natale
ICD-10 testing will be a valuable step in the ICD-10 transition but it will be more complicated than sending medical claims to ...
Identifying resources for care transitions
Dec 23, 2014 | Carole Lambert
Our job in healthcare is to identify the at-risk populations we encounter, and the information, tools, and behaviors we ...


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