Key tips for a successful hospital merger or acquisition
Jul 02 |
With margins razor thin, hospitals are increasingly looking to transactions to achieve economies of scale ...
Cybersecurity legislation only a partial solution (Insight)
Jul 02 |
The shocking truth is that only about 6 percent of healthcare data breaches to date are the work of ...
How to achieve compliance with a strategic perspective (Insight)
Jul 01 | Richard Best
Due to the multitude of diverse yet wide-spread requirements, staying compliant can be overwhelming, ...
Breaking down the biggest post-ICD-10 myths
Jun 30 | Carl Natale
The fear is that ICD-10 code set is so large and complex that medical coders aren't going to be able to keep up with ...
Building a high-value healthcare delivery system
Jun 26 | Austin Kirkland
Can you think of any other industry that is, or needs to be, more personalized and service-oriented than healthcare?
Equipment leasing options - Fair Market Value or $1 Buyout?
Jun 19 | William G. Sutton
Knowing the factors that go into deciding whether to enter into a fair market value (FMV) lease or $1 ...
Do equipment repair bills keep you up at night?
Jun 19 | Emily Kulenkamp
An inadequate protection plan for medical equipment may cause dire financial consequences to your organization that ...
Moving beyond the static budget
Jun 11 | Frank Stevens
Changes in the marketplace--namely the shift to outcomes-based reimbursement--call for new approaches to financial management.
3 strategies for balancing recovery audit contractors
Jun 09 | Dawn Crump
These tips can help systems prevent audit denials now, and save dollars later.
Re-thinking payments infrastructure strategy
Jun 04 | Lauren Farrell
As in other industries, a healthcare organization can also be better positioned to manage payments if its bank adopts a ...


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