Hospitals waste millions on antibiotics September 18, 2014 | Chris Nerney, Contributing Writer
pill bottle
Potential cases of antibiotics misuse add up to nearly $13 million in estimated excess costs for hospitals
New research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Premier, Inc., concludes that the inappropriate use of antibiotics in U.S. hospitals could result in an estimated $163 million in excessive costs. More
Bonuses given to ACOs September 17, 2014 | Jordan Rau, Kaiser Health News
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64 ACOs saved Medicare $372M, which earned them the bonuses
About a quarter of the 243 groups of hospitals and doctors that banded together as accountable care organizations under the Affordable Care Act saved Medicare enough money to earn bonuses. More
Communication basics for CFOs September 16, 2014 | David Weldon, Contributing Writer
business discussion
As their roles evolve, CFOs need to build communication skills
In the past, many healthcare executives could get by with functional skills in their area of expertise, but with the pace and scope of change in the industry today, top-notch communication skills are critical. More
Shrinking energy costs September 15, 2014 | Rodney J. Moore, freelance journalist and author
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Hospitals try out demand response programs to reduce energy demand
Energy costs eat up a chunk of a hospital's budget. Demand response may help shrink those costs. More
Health spending speeding up? Not so fast September 12, 2014 | Jay Hancock, Kaiser Health News
Census Bureau data indicate CMS spending growth projections are exaggerated
CMS health expenditure growth projections are not supported by cost indicator data from the Census Bureau. More
Regional partnership tackles readmits September 11, 2014 | Anthony Brino, Contributing Editor
Pilot program in upstate New York benefits both partners
As regional payers and providers take the first steps to begin working together in the era healthcare reform, one area they can start with is the issue of readmissions. More
Children's hospitals face challenges September 10, 2014 | Richard Pizzi, Editorial Director
children's hospital
Sector is managing well but many providers no longer have wide margin of financial strength compared with the larger pool of acute care hospitals
US not-for-profit children's hospitals are likely to remain financially stable in the next year or two although changes on the horizon, including those related to healthcare reform, could affect the sector's traditional niche role. More
Industry trends challenge hospitals September 09, 2014 | Anthony Brino, Contributing Editor
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High deductible insurance plans are causing some headaches for healthcare providers — keeping utilization depressed
The currents of health reform and consumerization are getting more treacherous for incumbent hospital businesses, according to a new report by Standard and Poor’s Rating Services. More
Budgets consumed by bureaucracy September 08, 2014 | Stephanie Bouchard, Managing Editor
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Moving to a single-payer system would dramatically reduce administrative costs
The administrative costs of U.S. hospitals far outstrip those of international hospitals and current pay-for-performance models are likely to boost those costs even higher. More
August employment numbers disappoint September 05, 2014 | Stephanie Bouchard, Managing Editor
job opportunity
The country saw job gains but not as strong as was anticipated
As summer wound down, the country's employment situation remained mostly unchanged, with the most job gains occurring in healthcare and professional and business services. More
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