Overcoming outdated workforce models August 21, 2014 | Chuck Green, Contributing Writer
Overcoming outdated workforce models
Hospitals rejuvenate with workforce management solutions
With greater focus on outpatient care and, where possible, cost cutting, many facilities now are doing more than "paying lip service" to workforce management. More
Letting go of the balance sheet August 20, 2014 | Stephanie Bouchard, Managing Editor
businessman meditating thinkstock diego cervo
Tips for CFOs to survive the transition to value
The likelihood that healthcare organizations will take a financial hit as they transform from fee-for-service to value-based businesses is sure to cause CFOs anxiety and panic. Here are some tips for letting go of the balance sheet. More
Capital climate heats up August 19, 2014 | John Andrews, Contributing writer
Investment opportunities are increasing for strong organizations
Attitudes toward healthcare financing have been fairly conservative ever since the general economy collapsed with the stock market in 2008, but opportunities are opening up. More
Hospitals rethink charity care August 18, 2014 | Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News
Some are scaling back charity offerings for those who didn't sign up for insurance through the exchanges
As more Americans gain insurance under the federal health law, hospitals are rethinking their charity programs, with some scaling back help for those who could have signed up for coverage but didn't. More
WellPoint embraces Anthem brand August 15, 2014 | Anthony Brino, Contributing Editor
Connecting with customers spurs the insurer to rebrand
One decade after WellPoint Health Networks and Anthem merged into the nation's largest for-profit, publicly-traded Blue Cross company, the insurer is changing its corporate name to Anthem, Inc. More
Squeezing out costs with data analytics August 14, 2014 | Joe Burns, Contributing Writer
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Decision support takes on new importance as hospitals seek cost control
When large hospitals and health systems buy or affiliate with smaller facilities, the deals can benefit both parties, but these deals may not work well if costs are out of control. More
Keys to keeping your employees happy August 13, 2014 | Rodney J. Moore, freelance journalist and author
smiling happy employees
Retaining employees isn't just about money
With the job market showing improvement, it might be time to re-evaluate if you are doing your utmost at keeping your best employees happy so they don't go elsewhere. More
Determining the real value of supplies August 11, 2014 | Susan Kelly, Contributing Writer
hospital supplies
Value analysis addresses cost and other issues
Healthcare systems have used value analysis since the 1990s, but the process is gaining more prominence amid the uncertainty created by healthcare reform and other changes in the way hospitals are reimbursed. More
Catholic system bets on telemedicine August 08, 2014 | Kurt Ullman, Contributing Writer
Mercy's eICU
A first-of-its-kind virtual medical center has the potential to improve care and hospital revenues
As payment moves to value-based models, telemedicine could become an important part of the hospital's financial future. One health system is already planning on the financial benefits by creating a standalone virtual medical center. More
Walmart wades into provider territory August 07, 2014 | Anthony Brino, Contributing Editor
Wal-Mart store
The retailer opens six non-healthcare partnered primary care clinics and plans on opening more
Walmart is taking another, bigger step into the U.S. healthcare system that could prove disruptive to legacy providers locally and nationally. More
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